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Hi! I am David Cheong
I am an associate real estate trainer with Life Mastery Academy teaching the RES Course. Since 2011, I have taught the RES Course to more than 3,000 aspiring realtors. Teaching is my way to give back to the community and to nurture leaders for the real estate industry.

I am also a practising real estate consultant with PropNex Realty, a Singapore home-grown and SGX-listed real estate agency with over 8,000 salespersons.

Whether you’re doing the RES exam the first time or retaking it, this book is going to help you!
Why Did I Write The Pass RES Exam Survival Guide?
Failing the RES exam is simply painful. 

To some of you, you must start work asap as a realtor to make income for your family. To some of you, it may translate to lost opportunities leading to immeasurable loss. To some of you, it's a waste of time and money. 

I don't want you to see you fail this exam. I believe you do not want to fail too. It pains me to see people failing this exam repeated times and this exam has been their biggest obstacle to their dreams.

P.S. To be clear, this book is not about a magical formula to pass the RES exam. It is for those who are willing to learn the strategies and put in the necessary work to pass the exam. 
What If Passing The RES Exam Has The Ability To Change Your Life?
What if getting your real estate license could help to change your health, repair your marriage, provide abundantly for your family, travel the world and give you a beautiful hope for your future? 
  • ​Pass RES Exam Survival Guide will inspire you to find your reason and give you clarity on why you must pass the exam
  • ​Pass RES Exam Survival Guide will show you how to pass the exam without getting stressed, wasting time or burning the midnight oil.
  • ​Pass RES Exam Survival Guide will show you what are the proven resources to help you pass the exam

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You can only apply for your real estate salesperson license in Singapore after you pass the RES exam.

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Understand The Game
Like a rugby game, you got to understand how the game is played and how to win it.

You may ask, “David, if it is 60/100 to pass, why is it that so many people failed in this exam?” 

Simple answer: “This is a pretty difficult exam!

Do you have a game plan and a winning strategy?

That’s why I wrote this survival guide to help you!

After training 3,000+ RES students,

If there's one thing I have learned in this journey, is that passing the RES exam is a learnable and duplicatable skill.
Inside This Book, Here are Some of the Strategies That Will Be Revealed... 
  • The reasons why many students fail the RES exam ... pg. 16
  • 4 proven study tips that you absolutely need to deploy asap ... pg. 17
  • Why this "Rule" can put you into the league of people that pass the exam. ... pg. 20
  • How to destroy the "Procrastination Monster" that plague you by using the "5-second Rule" ... pg. 25
  • How a simple "Exercise" can help to remove your excuses and get you back to study mode ... pg. 26
  • Discover this secret that has helped this young man to do the impossible. 30
  • Accelerate your revision. Be ready for the exam in 10 days. .. .pg. 31 
  • The timeline to know to make your transition to the real estate industry easier, without wasting months without income. ... pg. 33
  • Did you find yourself saying: “I wish I knew what are the key areas to focus on for the exam!” You got what you wish for ... pg. 35
  • Try out 40 sample practice questions ... pg. 38
  • The Pass RES Exam Checklist. ... pg. 44
If you've ever wanted to discover how to study in a way that's unforgettable and revise everything systematically, then this book is for you.

The Pass RES Exam Survival Guide will reveal the same strategies that I have used to help many of my students pass the exams at their first try and how you can do it too.
"This is Not Theory...
I've Used These Strategies with 3,000+ Students..."
How to Get The Pass RES Exam Survival Guide?
The Pass RES Exam Survival Guide will cost you SG$25+ (including S&H) if you buy directly from 

Good news! You can buy the Ebook of this guide for just $7.
If you want to get the paperback book, please go to to purchase them. Search “pass res exam david cheong” at
There is NO hidden "continuity fee". In case you’re wondering why I’ve decided to offer this guide at such a cheap price. 
I’ve got a few interesting reasons…

1. After years of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't in helping students to pass the RES exam, this would be my way of giving back to the community...

2. Unlike many "trainers", there's too much stuff being peddled based on theory, stuff that sounds good on paper but isn't actually effective. I'm hoping with this book, it can change the entire mindset of how passing the RES exam is learnable and duplicatable.

3. I’d like as many people as possible to read it because I truly believe in helping people to make all their dreams happen!
Pass RES Exam By Cheong Academy
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